Intermediate Parallel and Distributed Computing

By: Elizabeth Shoop (CSinParallel project and Macalester College)

With assistance and inspiration from Joel Adams, Richard Brown, and Suzanne Matthews (The CSinParallel project team)

This book is designed as a follow-on from our PDC for Beginners book. If you already have some experience with OpenMP, MPI, and CUDA coding, then you may be able to start with this book.

A hallmark of this book, like PDC for Beginners, is that the programs presented here can be run directly from this book, enabling learners to experience PDC concepts immediately.

All of the code in this book can be found on a GitHub repo for the CSInParallel Project. Please feel free to explore that if you want to have your students try the code on lab machines.

NOTE: THIS BOOK IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! However, there are eight solid chapters available. We hope to add further examples and suggestions for projects based on starting point code representing real-world high-performace computing problems. So please stay tuned!

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