Chapter 9: Introduction to ChapelΒΆ


This chapter is under construction. Treat it as a demonstration that Chapel code can be run. We will be adding much more in the future.

Chapel is a language designed for parallel and distributed computing. Instead of using pragmas as a means to signify parallel sections of code and patterns to use, like OpenMP compilers provide, Chapel is a newly designed language with keywords and language constructs for indicating parallelism built right into the language itself. The parallelism that Chapel provides is for both shared memory, multicore CPU systems and for distributed, multi-machine clusters.

The code examples in these sections of the book compile and run on a remote machine and display results here in your browser.

If you want to try the code on your own machine, the code for these examples is in a GitHub repo for the CSInParallel Project. The code is inside folders called TBD. However, you will also need to ensure that you have Chapel installed on your machine. Please refer to the Chapel language site for more information.

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