About Parallel Computing for Beginners, 2nd editionΒΆ


Parallel Computing for Beginners, 2e is maintained and edited by Joel C. Adams, Richard A. Brown, Suzanne J. Matthews, and Elizabeth Shoop, who form the leadership team for CSinParallel, an NSF-funded initiative for broadening the exposure of parallel computing in the undergraduate computing curriculum.

This version of the book has been enhanced with the ability to execute more example code directly from this book. In particular, students are now able to run OpenMP, CUDA, and openACC code examples (MPI planned for future).

All of the code in this book can be found on a GitHub repo for the CSInParallel Project. Please feel free to explore that if you want to have your students try the code on lab machines.

See PDC Unplugged for ideas of how to do some kinesthetic exercises to accompany the examples in this book.

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